MIAMI, FL – December 14, 2017

Michael Ehrenstein, partner at Ehrenstein Charbonneau Calderin, was chosen to speak at the 11th Annual Renaissance Symposium at the Harvard Club of New York City.

The Renaissance Symposium is the Litigation Counsel of America’s exclusive annual advanced trial series, where top attorneys speak before and learn from elite peers in a small group setting. Ehrenstein brought a little martial arts wisdom to the Dec. 1 event with a presentation on “Trial Aikido.”

A long-time practitioner of martial arts, Ehrenstein explained to the exclusive gathering how the principles of Aikido have shaped how he approaches some cases. He recounted how he first witnessed Trial Aikido in action during his law clerk days, when an attorney completely turned around what would have been a hopeless situation and destroyed the opposing side’s star witness…by turning their own testimony against them.

“My instinct has always been to resist the surprise…but the lesson I learned here was that sometimes, rather than resisting the surprise, it’s better to flow with it, develop its energy, and then suddenly redirect it,” said Ehrenstein, admitting that doing that is sometimes hard as an attorney. “Doing this requires that you override the urge to reflexively resist (which is a hard thing to learn, especially when we are trained that trials should not be about surprises) and summon the courage to temporarily willingly submit to the will of your opponent.”

And although Trial Aikido won’t work in every case, Ehrenstein said it’s a great technique for any attorney’s arsenal.

“The art of being a trial lawyer, like all martial arts (and indeed all arts) is just that: it’s an art, not a science. There are no absolute answers, only options,” he said. “Using the right option at the right time requires refined judgment honed over years of experience, not mechanistic robotic responses.”

Michael Ehrenstein is a founder of Ehrenstein Charbonneau Calderin in Miami. He concentrates his practice in the litigation and trial of complex damage cases, particularly in matters involving cross border disputes, professional malpractice, and matters arising in the real estate, health care, construction, transportation and aviation industries. Visit to learn more.

Ehrenstein Charbonneau Calderin is a law firm based in Miami, Florida. The firm and its attorneys serve their clients in the areas of business restructuring, dispute resolution, and real estate.

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