Our success is directly connected to the results we achieve for our clients. Indeed, we view our clients as partners in our own success. That is why our team is committed to understanding and helping you achieve your business related legal goals through exceptional service. Exceptional service in this regard includes aligning ECC’s interests with yours, and frequent and thorough communication.

Aligning Our Interests with Yours

At ECC, we provide exceptional service because we ensure that our interests our aligned with yours. To us, each client matter represents a human aspiration, a business, a family or an entire career. These vital interests deserve our full attention and the focused application of our most potent resources, regardless of the time we devote to a particular matter. That is why ECC bases its business model not on clocking hours but on advancing your business goals. Unlike other firms, we do not view your matter as an inventory of billable hours, but as our mandate to advocate on your behalf. ECC provides more than mere lip-service to the concept of aligning our interests with our clients’ interests. Indeed, we routinely accept alternative fee arrangements that minimize client outlay while fairly compensating ECC for the value we deliver and the risk we undertake.

Frequent and Thorough Communication

Excellent service also contemplates frequent and thorough communication with our clients. As an ECC client, you will have regular direct access to your attorney. We communicate with our clients often, and guarantee that except in the most unusual circumstances, client’s calls and e-mails will be returned within the same business day. We routinely give our clients our mobile phone numbers, and in cases of emergency, ECC’s lawyers and staff are available to communicate with our clients any time of day or night.